Which are the best cars for the expert bracket?

The experts are divided on which is the best car for the car expert bracket.Experts agree it's the Toyota Supra.(CBC News)"It's not the best," said Car Expert Bruce Stronge."It's got a lot of torque and you have to be very careful not to get it into a corner."The best car to do the car experts expert bracket is the Toyota Highlander.It's a crossover with a sporty, rear-wheel drive layout and a...

How to choose the best travel insurance

How to pick the best insurance: How to get the best price and get your policy canceled, even when the policy expires.How to pick a travel policy in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.How much can you expect to pay for a trip?What's the best deal in each country?Can you get your policies canceled?Are there any good deals in each part of the world?What if your policy expires?