Thinking that increasing website loading speed is a waste of time? Here are reasons why it’s important.

Fast website loading speed is not just important for user experience. You probably often hear the urge to “increase your website’s loading speed and earn more!” What does it mean and why should you do it?

Here is what you need to know about the benefits of faster website loading, and how you can apply it on your WordPress website.

Website Loading Speed and User Behaviors

User behavior and conversion

Nowadays, users have a shorter span of attention, thanks to instant gratifications provided by the internet. Akamai Technologies, a Massachusetts-based IT company, researched user behaviors related to website loading speed. The study revealed that the 83 percent of studied users expect a “fast” website to load for around three seconds. The longer the website loads, the more frustrated and impatient the users become.

When a website loads longer than expected, users will express negative reactions toward it. The study revealed that 79 percent of users refused to purchase anything from the website, while 46 percent complained to their family and friends about the experience or warned them to avoid the website. More than 40 percent also developed negative perception toward the brand, company, or website.

Unfortunately, many websites have way longer loading time than the ideal period. Akamai found that from 500 e-commerce websites that were studied, more than half had the average loading speed of 10 seconds, and the rest were longer. If your website is not optimized and taking longer than 10 seconds to load, there is a bigger chance for users to develop negative perceptions toward your brand or name.

Benefits of Fast Loading Website

If your website is optimized to reach the three-second speed loading, you can get various benefits, such as:

1. Better brand recognition

When your website visitors experience positive user experience, they are likely to remember your brand or name. It will lead to better brand recognition, especially since positive experiences can urge them to share your website with other people.

2. Increased traffic and exposure

Positive user experience means more exposure, especially through social media shares or mouth-to-mouth information. When this happens, more people will visit your website, which means more traffic.

3. Increased conversions and profits

Akamai Technologies predicted that one-second improvement means extra 7 percent in traffic conversions into profits. It means that if you make USD100 per day, you can potentially get additional USD2,555 at the end of the year by increasing the speed for just one second. Imagine if your daily income is higher!

4. Stronger consumer base

Nowadays, it is hard to keep loyal customers. If you give them the slightest bad experience, they will move to other websites or sellers quickly. Keeping positive user experience means having a stronger consumer base, and you have good chance to build brand/product loyalty.

5. More dynamic website look

Slow loading website makes it harder for you to create dynamic and rich contents. Increasing its loading speed and optimizing the related features will give you the opportunity to create more dynamic website look. Furthermore, you can add new features that will create the positive user experience.

6. Easier for business development

If you plan to have several businesses, you may need separate websites to run them. If your websites load fast, you will get all the above benefits multiple times, and developing business becomes easier because of your strong profitability and consumer base.

If you combine fast-loading website with good marketing strategies and contents, you will create strong consumer base and loyal followers. All these can be achieved even without being a coder or web developer.

Success Stories

Conversion rate

There are several notable stories about how increasing website loading speed can boost revenues. The most famous is, for examples:

Mozilla’s revenue increase

Mozilla has improved their user experience by increasing their speed loading time for 2.2 seconds. The strategy brought about 15.4 percent of revenue increase. It also reported 60 million extra downloads every year after the increase.

Barack Obama’s fundraising for the presidential campaign

The team behind Barack Obama’s presidential campaign found that they received additional USD34 million after increasing the campaign website loading speed. They also received 14 percent more conversions after the speed loading increased from five to two seconds.

Walmart’s online conversion

In Akamai study, supermarket chain Walmart reported 2 percent of extra conversion for every second of increased loading speed. At the same time, it also reported 1 percent revenue loss whenever the loading speed decreased for 100 milliseconds.

By looking at these notable examples, increasing your website loading speed is now mandatory. A slow website can bring more losses than how much you spend on optimizing the website.


Increasing your website loading speed will bring several benefits, such as increased revenue and traffic, better user experience, and more loyalty among the visitors. It is also a good way to create brand recognition, especially if you plan to grow your business.

Judging from examples such as Walmart, Mozilla, and Barack Obama’s campaign team, you can optimize your website to make it run faster and emulate these success stories.

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