Frequently ask questions

  • Do you guarantee a 100 score?

    We can’t guarantee a high score but our work will improve your loading times and pagespeed scores. There are many factors in website optimisation and many are out of our control such as hosting, frameworks, plugins and themes. We will make recommendations in our report.

  • Do I have to host with you?

    Not at all, you can continue to use your own hosting and services. If we discover issues with your hosting we will make recommendations either to help speed up the hosting or recommendations of hosting providers.

  • Do I have to leave my current developer or agency?

    If you have a developer or agency you already work with, that’s not an issue. We can carry out our work and even share the report with your developer or agency to notify them of the changes we may have made and suggestions that we have.

  • What information do you need?

    Once you have selected a plan we will request a WordPress admin login with full privileges. If this isn’t possible we’d need FTP/MYSQL or cPanel access.

    We only need access for the period in undertaking our work. Once complete access can be revoked.

  • Do you offer web development?

    Our parent company Whisk Creative does yes. SpeedMyWP is purely focused on website optimization.


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