Afraid of losing website? Use these five WordPress backup plugins to backup your data and cease your worries.

Imagine managing a website for years and earning income, but suddenly, some faults force you to move your website (or make a new one). However, because you neglect to back up your data, all the important contents are no longer accessible. Hosting service may provide backup service, but it is not always reliable, especially if you use affordable hosting.

Don’t let this happens to your WordPress website. Install backup plugins to ensure the save and easy data backup. Whatever product you choose, make sure it offers these functions:

Automatic function

Automation is the function that all backup plugins must have. It saves your time and ensures thorough backup process, which means that a manual backup is an option instead of mandatory.

Full-backup ability

Modern backup plugins must be able to create a backup of all data in your website. This means media files (images, audios, videos), database, themes, and the whole works. When your old website goes, the new one should resemble the original and save you from tons of work.

Simple option

Website owners with coding background have advantages, but those who do not have it should get good options in the simple version. A good backup plugin will allow non-coders to get advantages from simpler steps.

Constant updates

A good plugin must have a constant update. Not only it increases the performance but also removes bugs and other problems.

Good support

Many plugins present support system in various degrees, from complete FAQ to 24/7 live chat. However, a really good plugin usually has a full, dedicated support system team.

Now that you know what to look for take a look at the top five plugins you can use for backup.



Backup Buddy is a premium option for WordPress backup plugin, which means that it may cost a little too expensive for beginner website owners. However, this plugin offers several benefits, such as having no subscription mode. Once you install it, you do not have to pay the monthly fee. It also comes with a dedicated support system, regular updates, and troubleshoot forums.

BackupBuddy offers complete backup service, and stores files such as contents, comments, widgets, themes, and a media library. This plugin also has Stash service, which offers real-time backup. You also get security service and easy options to migrate or duplicate website. However, this plugin may slow down your website a little bit.



UpdraftPlus is a free backup plugin, but it offers quite complete backup solutions with more simplicity. The dashboard is neat and equipped with icons, which help you navigating functions and options more easily. It gives various options for remote storage, such as Azure, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and email. There is also a dedicated vault (UpdraftPlus Vault) you can use.

While the plugin offers automatic backup within certain periods, it also offers the manual backup option. UpdraftPlus also informs you when the backup is complete by sending notification email. Website owners can also easily duplicate, migrate, or clone their original website easily. UpdraftPlus is also lighter compared to BackupBuddy.



BackWPUp is another free WordPress backup plugin that has a good reputation among beginner and advanced website owners. The settings are easy and can be operated by anyone. You can get options to store files and data in emails or remote clouds, and there is a premium option for those who are willing to pay extra for additional perks.

BackWPUp has an intuitive setting page that makes it easy to maneuver. It also sends an email notification when the backup process is finished. However, when the file backup process is happening, your computer’s performance may get affected.



Duplicator is not exactly a backup plugin, and more like a tool to duplicate and migrate website. However, it also offers proper backup features, and perfect to replicate a well-maintained website should it go down suddenly. Duplicator provides better performance if you are willing to pay for the pro version, but it only costs around USD39.

Duplicator does not have simple, straightforward backup steps like the other backup plugins. It also does not automatically perform a backup every so often. Therefore, while it helps you replicating a website, it has slightly more complicated backup steps compared to other cheap or free plugins.



BackUpWordPress is a plugin that provides automatic backup session, with schedules that you can manage. It is free, but the premium version gives more options. The features are intuitive and responsive, easy to operate even by those without coding experiences. The plugin also requires low memory, perfect for website owners who use shared servers.

Unfortunately, most of the best BackUpWordPress features are only available in the premium version. For example, you can only store backup files in the clouds such as Azure or OneDrive if you use premium version. Also, all the settings are stored in WordPress’ Tools tab, which can be weird to navigate. 

Having backup plugins is useful when your website suddenly goes down or needs to be moved. Make sure to pick plugins that fulfill your specific needs and invest in supporting features that will protect your WordPress website.

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