KENSINGTON: Expert’s tips for the best way to watch the Jets’ playoff games

KENSINGEN — Expert Mike Keenan of Fox Sports said he thinks that the Jets have a chance of winning the AFC East and they will have a shot at the Super Bowl if they get past New England and Pittsburgh.

“I think they have a good chance,” Keenan said Thursday.

“They have a very good offensive line, they have an offensive line that is good enough to get a pass rusher in the second round, they don’t have a ton of question marks with their defense.”

The biggest thing that you have to do is look at the history of the Jets, and that’s when you have the best defense in the league.

If you look at their history, they are a very well-oiled machine.

If they get that defense to play the way they are playing, then they are going to have a real chance of going to the Superbowl.

“We had a lot of things we wanted to get done with the offensive line this week,” Keenans defense coordinator said.

“That will help us in this game.

They are going into the second half of the season and they have some really good players and a lot to play for.”

While Keenan has said that the offensive lines for the Jets and Patriots are the two toughest he has faced in the playoffs, he has yet to see any of the quarterbacks play.

“We haven’t seen the quarterbacks in the postseason, so I can’t say for sure what we have to work on, but we have seen the two quarterbacks in this competition, so we have not seen them play, so you don’t know,” Keenanos defensive coordinator said Wednesday.

But I think the way we are playing it, they probably have a better chance of doing well than we do.””

But we are going in there, but you know, they know who they are, so hopefully that doesn’t change too much.

But I think the way we are playing it, they probably have a better chance of doing well than we do.”

It’s possible the Jets defense will improve with more time with the starting lineup and more reps with the starters, but the offense is still likely to be the issue.

The Jets have scored just 17 points in the last five games and they are now 3-6 against the Patriots this season.

The Patriots and Jets are 2-2 on the season with each team holding a lead in points.

The Jets have won two straight games in New England, but Keenan thinks that they have the chance to win it all in the AFC Championship.

“Yeah, I think it’s possible,” Keenanson said.

”You have to go back to Super Bowl XLIX.

That’s when I think they got to beat a good team.

I think there’s a lot more at stake.

You have to give the defense, the running backs, the wide receivers, and the linebackers, the time to get on a level playing field.

“You can’t go down the road of the Patriots and then the Jets.

If we play that way, we will win.”