Which is more likely to go up in smoke? The house or the car?

The latest round of house prices has prompted concerns about what’s behind them, with experts warning it could have a big impact on people’s retirement savings.

The stock market has been on fire lately, thanks in part to speculation on the health of the economy, and stocks have surged in recent days.

But it seems to be a time of uncertainty for many households, with some fearing that they’ll have to put more money into savings in the months ahead.

Experts say it’s possible that house prices may be headed back toward normal levels, with the possibility of some sort of “flash crash” hitting.

It’s hard to know what could trigger a flash crash, but there’s no shortage of theories.

There’s the fear that housing is on a steady climb and there could be some new housing developments on the horizon, such as a housing bubble, according to Bloomberg News.

Then there’s the notion that the stock market is going through a “flash correction,” which would mean the market is trading at a lower level.

But there are some other possibilities.

It could be the market’s return to normal is coming too slowly, or the market just has a few days to stabilize before it plunges even further.

It also could be that housing prices are too high.

Some experts think that if the market continues to rise too fast, people will simply be priced out of the market.

A correction that is so severe as to be impossible to prevent could be caused by a “swelling of the bubble,” according to a report from Bloomberg.

A bubble can be a big risk for any financial market, but the bubble is so large that it could wipe out the entire market.

The key to a bubble, says Paul Vigna, chief investment officer of the firm Credit Suisse, is that it can cause investors to be complacent.

If that’s true, there is a good chance that housing markets could start to rise again in the coming months.