Why the country is suffering a massive drought, says Prakash Javadekar

The latest on the drought in the country’s northeastern states (all times local):2:00 p.m.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah says the state is suffering from a massive water crisis that is affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The drought is causing water rationing, landslides, landsliding and fires.

The situation is getting worse, Javadekar said at a press conference.2:15 p.mi.

In a major political setback for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP, a bill to give an official status to Karnataka was defeated by opposition parties in the State Assembly.

The opposition parties said the proposal was not in the public interest, and sought to overturn the State Cabinet decision.

The State Cabinet had already approved the bill on Thursday.2 p.me.

H.S. Suresh and R.B. Karkar, two legislators who backed the bill, have quit the BJP and joined the opposition.

Suresh said in a tweet that he resigned from the BJP after being repeatedly attacked by the opposition for his opposition to the bill.

He did not elaborate.2 pm.

Opposition parties have accused Prime Minister Modi of “corrupt” conduct and accused him of trying to “hide” the situation.

They also demanded a full inquiry into the crisis.2.40 p..m.:Opposition leaders are accusing the BJP of trying “to hide” the drought crisis.

Opposition Leader M. Raja, who heads the Congress in the state assembly, said in an interview with PTI that the State government is acting in a “corrupted” manner and has not done enough to save the people of Karnataka.

“The Government has been hiding the problem, and now the Opposition has come out and said so,” he said.2 a.m.-2:45 a., Saturday:The Karnataka Chief Medical Officer (CMO) says he is in touch with the chief minister about water shortage, which has affected a number of communities in the northeastern state.

In the past few days, several communities have been experiencing water scarcity, which is threatening the lives and livelihood of hundreds, he said, adding that the CMO was in touch on the issue.

He said there were no cases of health threats or death due to water scarcity.2 am-3 am:The Chief Minister of Karnada is in the midst of a major drought crisis that has caused a major shortage of water in some of the countrys northeastern states.

Chief Minister Siddharth Nath Singh said in the wake of the crisis that he is ready to help the people in distress.

The CM said in his weekly press conference that the drought has affected about 10 villages in the northeast and he is trying to reach out to all the affected communities to get their help.

“I will not allow any attempt to take us backward,” he added.1:50 a.e.

The government has been able to meet the needs of about 60,000 families.

However, as many as 40,000 households have not been provided water and the remaining households have been left to rely on the water provided by the state government.

The state government has also been unable to provide adequate water to the people due to the drought, and has also not been able at the same time to supply the people with adequate drinking water.1 a.f.

The Prime Minister has said the situation in Karnataka is under control.

“We are making preparations for the next round of relief efforts,” he tweeted.

1 a.p.m:Karnadai: Karnataka is facing a major water crisis, which could affect a number with livelihoods.

The Chief Medical officer (CM) of Karnavatara district, Ravindra Kavilankar, has confirmed that the situation is under complete control.

The CM said the crisis was being treated as a water emergency and he has been reaching out to the affected households to get information.

The chief minister of the state, Ravinder Kaur, also expressed his anguish.

Kaur said he had been reaching the affected villages for days, and that he would be providing them water and ration cards.

“Our work is ongoing.

We are reaching out and we will get them the water,” Kaur tweeted.1 p.a.

The state government is trying hard to solve the water crisis.

A number of villages are getting water from the state-run Tamil Nadu Institute of Water Resources (TNIWR), but the CM said that the issue is complicated and that it would take a week for the issue to be resolved.

1:40 a.d.

The water crisis is affecting a number people.

The chief minister has tweeted that he has asked the water minister to meet him to discuss the issue and ensure the relief efforts go smoothly.1.30 a.l.

The State Cabinet has approved the proposed bill on the crisis in Karnavata, the first major water bill that