‘Mystery of a Sudoku Puzzle’ expert picks 5,000 Sudoku puzzles to solve

Experts are picking the most difficult puzzles in Sudoku to solve, and have now narrowed it down to 5,200 to be solved in five months.

This is according to Sudoku expert Rakesh Kumar, who was recently awarded the coveted “Mystery Puzzle of the Year” award by the Guinness World Records.

He told the Hindustan Times that the Sudoku puzzle was not an easy one to crack and that there were many factors to consider when picking a puzzle.

“It is a difficult game to crack, and it is difficult to play for longer than five minutes,” he said.

Two, if the Sudokus are the most complex, you will be looking at a long time and you will get tired of them.””

One, if you are looking for a new Sudoku, you might not have much time.

Two, if the Sudokus are the most complex, you will be looking at a long time and you will get tired of them.”

Sudoku experts say the number of Sudoku in the Guinness Book of World Records could be the clue.

The book lists 4,547,715,000 unique Sudokuses in the world.

Sudokas are short for “supernatural” and were invented by Japanese scientist Shunji Sakamoto.

The Sudokuse are made up of numbers and symbols.

They are a very complex game and involve thousands of possible combinations of symbols and numbers.

There are over 5,100,000,000 possible Sudokushi puzzles in the book.

Experts have been looking for ways to crack Sudoku for over a decade and have come up with various methods of solving puzzles, such as playing the game with the left hand, playing on a computer with the right, using a tablet or even using a piece of paper to solve the puzzle.

Rakesh, who has been Sudoku experts for over 10 years, said that there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to Sudokushio.

“If you play the game using a computer, the numbers of the Sudoko puzzle will be too big to fit on a keyboard,” he added.

“The computer is the main player.

It will take more time to solve it and the answer will be harder to guess.”

However, Rakesho’s advice for solving Sudoku can be applied to all kinds of games.

“I would suggest to pick Sudoku at the beginning, when you first get into the game.

If you want to play more advanced games like chess, it is a good idea to start with Sudoku and then pick a harder Sudoku,” he advised.