Crossword puzzle expert: ‘I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to work with the best’

Experteer, the company behind the popular crossword puzzle game, is hiring a former professional to help its new Crossword Expert team with new puzzle design.

The job, part of the company’s wider crossword design and development work, will focus on the new Crosswords Unlimited service, which launched on April 1.

Crosswords Unlimited is a crossword service that will be available to businesses, as well as consumers, across all regions and languages.

Crossword Expert will be responsible for helping to develop and test crosswords to make sure they are crossword friendly, and will be the lead developer for the service.

The role will involve working closely with Crosswords Executive Director, Andrew Rimmer, to ensure that the Crosswords team is focused on crossword innovation.

“We want to ensure Crosswords is the crossword with the greatest potential, and we want to make the best crossword possible,” said Andrew Rimmers.

“We are looking for a Crossword expert who has had experience designing crosswords, and has a strong understanding of the game itself.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take a new approach to crossword puzzles.”

Experteer is seeking an experienced designer and puzzle solver with a strong crossword background, who has a proven track record of solving crossword problems.

The Crossword expertise will be used to develop crosswords for new versions of the Crossword Unlimited app, and to make improvements to existing crosswords.

Experteers crossword expert will be paid a monthly salary of $15,000 and will receive a monthly stipend of $4,500 for the first year of the position.

Crossing a language barrierWhile the Crosswars crossword experience is primarily focused on the iPhone, the team is also looking to bring crosswords across other platforms, including Android.

Expertyer’s crossword expertise comes in handy as the company has already built a crosswords puzzle app in iOS.

It has also built a puzzle for the iOS version of the popular Crosswords online game.

Crosswars Crossword Puzzle: A Crossword for Android was released in July, and Crosswares Crossword Puzzles for iOS and Android have been available since then.