Aussie underwear expert says he ‘wasn’t even aware’ he was pregnant

This Australian underwear expert has given his verdict on the new style of Australian underwear that has gone viral on social media.

Professor John Williams, a specialist in the field of human nutrition, said he was “surprised” he was about to become the subject of a Facebook page that has more than 2,000 likes.

He said he did not think it was the first time he had encountered a woman wearing underwear he had not seen before.

“I was not even aware I was pregnant at the time,” he said.

Mr Williams, who is the chair of the International Society for the Study of Reproduction in Medicine, said it was his job to be aware of women’s bodies, especially their sexual health.

Dr Williams said he had seen women with babies in underwear before, but he never had a discussion with them about their reproductive health.

“I’ve always been very clear about my personal beliefs, so I’ve never felt I needed to be told that I’m pregnant,” he told ABC News.

“And in fact, I’m the kind of person who would never tell anyone I was having a baby.”

Dr William, who runs a local clinic in a small town about 60 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, has been practising underwear since the 1980s and said he felt it was important for women to be able to feel comfortable in their own skin.

The University of New South Wales is now offering a course on the importance of human sexuality and gender equality to its students.

Women’s Health and Society is encouraging people to participate in a “femme-to-femmes” project.

A survey of 1,000 Australian women found almost 80 per cent believed it was acceptable to have an abortion while pregnant, and more than half of them said they were at least slightly comfortable with it.

Australia’s chief medical officer, Dr Mark Freedman, said the decision to restrict access to abortion in the nation’s largest state was a “strong indication of the state of the country’s approach to abortion”.

He told reporters the government was considering whether to ban abortion in some circumstances, such as when a woman’s life was at risk.

“We know that the number of abortions in Australia has been falling in recent years, so we need to do something about that,” Dr Freedman said.

“In this context, we need the support of the broader community to move forward and ensure that women are able to access abortion safely and fairly.”

Mr Freedman did not respond to ABC Radio’s email seeking comment.

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