Home Comfort Expert: How to Make Your Home More Compliant by Using Your Expert Link

Home Comfort Experts expert service allows you to contact your local experts in a matter of minutes to find out what the experts have to say about a wide variety of home-related issues, including insulation, heating and cooling systems, and even the health of your family. 

The service, launched in September 2018, allows you and up to four people to sign up for a free consultation, which can be completed in a single day. 

To sign up, just select “Home Comfort Expert” from the “Home” menu on the top right of the home’s screen. 

You’ll need to provide your email address and phone number to complete your online consultation. 

If you’re new to Home Comfort, you can use the same address as you sign up in the “My Home” menu to contact the expert. 

Your home’s heating and air conditioning system, for example, will be evaluated based on the expert’s expertise and recommendations. 

After the expert completes the evaluation, the home will be tested for safety and other concerns, and a list of recommendations will be provided to the homeowner. 

As with any home-care or home-supply-related issue, the expert will provide additional information and support in the event of a response from your insurance company. 

Home Comfort Experts offer a wide array of expert services and products, including home insulation and insulation tips, insulation and air-conditioning upgrades, home-security systems, thermostats, fire alarms, and more. 

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