How to make sure you’re not a dental expert: A guide to keeping your mouth clean

With dental professionals taking over as the primary care provider, dental experts are increasingly looking for ways to make dental care more efficient and effective.

But there’s still a need for dental expertise.

And that means understanding the different types of oral health care that dental professionals perform.

So let’s talk about what oral health is, what it looks like, and what it can look like when you need it most.

What does oral health mean?

Oral health is the process of maintaining oral health.

A healthy mouth means having a healthy mouth.

It also means getting the right dental treatment, which involves treating teeth with fluoride and other treatments.

This includes making sure you eat the right foods, and brushing your teeth every day.

If you can’t afford to do all that, you may be able to get the dental care you need from a dental hygienist.

Dental hygiensists are specialists who perform a variety of oral care tasks for people with dental problems, such as:Using mouthwashes to clean teeth