How to Know if You’re Being Insensitive about your Body Language

Expert sleepers know exactly how to get a good night’s sleep.

But what about the rest of us?

How do we know when we’re being sensitive and when we should be, and how can we correct it?

Experts and sleepers alike are on the lookout for body language cues to know when to calm down, calm down and rest.

Here are six of the best ways to know if you’re being assertive, and when to back off.


Don’t overreact to body language Experts say it’s easier to respond when your body language matches what’s happening around you.

“It’s very easy to react to your body when you’re relaxed, when you feel comfortable,” says Kristin Rennell, author of The Body Language Book.

“The problem with that is that when you react to the situation you’re in, you tend to get more out of it.”

Rennill says it’s more important to react when you see something you can use to change a situation, rather than react to something that you can’t.

When she’s at work, Rennll says she often responds to her coworkers’ body language by making eye contact.

If she sees a coworker that is too passive, she might be a little more open to suggestions.

“That can be a good sign because I’m trying to figure out if I’m being assertively or if I need to be more assertive,” she says.

“If you’re reacting too much, it could be an indication that you’re getting out of control, that you need to slow down.”


Avoid getting overly-cautious in the moment When Rennick and colleagues were working on their body language book, they found that they were often too quick to react.

“We were constantly reacting to people who were being very aggressive or a little over-assertive or over-confident,” says Rennells.

“What we discovered was that there was a need to get in our comfort zone and get in the zone, rather then just reacting.

It took us about two months to get over that.”

So instead of rushing to react in a hurry, it’s better to react with caution.

“I think when you don’t react too fast, you’re going to be too vulnerable,” Rennills says.


Pay attention to body posture Rennis says if you look at a body posture that you think might indicate you’re angry or stressed, you need a good plan of action to make it stop.

“There’s a time and place for all these different body parts to be relaxed,” she adds.

“But when you start thinking about how your posture is being controlled, it can be very telling.”

When you have a good idea of what your body is looking like, you can adjust accordingly.

“Try to remember how your body feels when you’ve got something in front of you,” Rynell says.

She recommends that when people have something in their face, they should be mindful of their body posture.

“So they might just be leaning forward or leaning back, or they might have something hanging over their head, or their face is facing away from you,” she explains.


Learn to relax in silence “I don’t think we’re born with the ability to be very assertive.

So you have to learn how to be a really good listener and a really open person,” Rinsley says.

When Rinsell was learning to become a writer, she tried to learn to relax while writing.

She noticed that people would become more agitated and even more agitated when they were in a comfortable position.

“A lot of times when I would sit down to write, I’d get really upset,” she recalls.

” So Rinslynces says, she would start writing with the intention of sitting down to quiet down. “

She would focus on making sure she was still in control of her writing. “

So Rinslynces says, she would start writing with the intention of sitting down to quiet down.

5. “

You want to be calm and listen to what’s going on,” she tells Next Big Futures.


Pay close attention to your posture If you feel uncomfortable, listen to your breathing.

“When you’re talking to a friend or someone who’s very open to new ideas, the way they breathe can tell you what’s coming next,” Rinnells says.

If you have an open mind, Rinsells says you can take that into consideration when you listen to people and when you think about what you might want to say.

“Whenever you’re with someone who is open to ideas, you want to make sure that you listen,” she advises.

“Because when you hear people being really, really open, you don and it makes you uncomfortable.”

If you’re feeling stressed