Chicago’s top-rated ecommerce websites are worth more than $3 billion

HONG KONG — The top-performing ecommerce sites in the United States are worth about $3.7 billion, according to research firm Technavio.

The report said the top-ranked websites in the U.S. are Shopify,, Alibaba, and Paypal.

The firm said the five top-selling websites were all part of the same company, and that all of the top 100 sites in terms of revenue are owned by the same parent company.

It said the companies were valued at $4.7 trillion, or $3,637 per share.

As the company reported its quarterly earnings on Tuesday, it said the company earned $1.07 per share on revenue of $4,873.3 billion.

It said it expects revenue growth to be driven by increased ecommerce sales.

In terms of value, Shopify was worth $1,906 per share, followed by Amazon.

It was followed by Alibaba at $1.,052 per share and PayPal at $995.4 per share.

“The study by Technavian said that for a total value of $3 trillion, Shopified and Amazon.

Com were worth more per share than Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft.