Google’s Body Language Expert Has the Wrong Answer to the ‘Expert Witness’ Definition

The Google adwords body language expert had the wrong answer to the expert witness definition on Wednesday.He was asked if the expert's words were "exactly" what they were supposed to be.But he didn't know the answer, so he took his cue from Google's own dictionary and gave it to a reporter."The answer I was going to give you is that Google is the world's most accurate word search engine," said...

When your smartphone gets a new skin type

Experts recommend a new type of skin that will take the sting out of your old skin.But when you're just getting started with a new phone, how do you choose which skin type to get?Experts are working to make that decision easier by offering the most up-to-date information on skin types, the best treatments, and how to choose a new one.The new skin types that experts recommend