Which automakers are making the best cars?

In a move that will be a bit surprising to many of the automotive experts out there, Bloomberg recently released an infographic of the top 100 most profitable auto companies worldwide.

The infographic reveals the most profitable companies worldwide, based on their gross sales, profit per share, and market share.

One of the first things you notice is that many of these companies are quite profitable, even if they don’t get the top spots.

The infographic highlights Toyota, for example, which makes the best Prius and Camry hybrids and the most economical crossover.

Ford, meanwhile, is the second most profitable car company globally.

However, Toyota isn’t the only company that makes the list, as the company also makes the top five for most profitable cars and SUV brands.

According to the infographic, Honda and Toyota both make top five. 

The infographic also notes that Volkswagen makes the fourth most profitable automotive company, but its sales have been falling lately.

This is not surprising given that the company has been suffering from a lot of losses due to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Volkswagen has also been under pressure to produce cars that are more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

And finally, Nissan makes the bottom five.

As for the top 5 most profitable automakers, Tesla and General Motors make up the top two.

For more information about the top 10 most profitable automobile companies, check out the infographic.