A house for a family of five and a car for a friend

A family of six is looking for a place to move into after a house for three people in their twenties collapsed and killed a neighbour in Dublin.

The house collapsed in front of a family home in Dublin’s east last week.

It was built in 2006 and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

But the family had been planning to buy a new home, with the money from the new lease of the property.

However, they have found the lease is no longer valid.

The couple were staying in a hotel room in the nearby town of Ballymena when the collapse happened last week, and had been renting a house in the same building.

“We were in bed when we heard the boom and the next thing you know we heard people screaming and people on the floor screaming,” said Joanna Walsh, the family’s property manager.

“It was just terrible.

We couldn’t even hear each other’s conversation.

I couldn’t see who was in front or behind me.”

Joanna and her husband John Walsh have owned and run a house called The Ballyman Inn in Dublin for the past decade.

They have four children and are looking for space for their three young children.

They said they had lived in a house with other families before, and that they have never experienced anything like the situation.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” she said.

“You have to imagine what that family is going through right now.

They’ve been going up to the roof and down to the basement. “

The neighbours who live in the building have all been very concerned about the safety of the family.

They’ve been going up to the roof and down to the basement.

It is just a horrific tragedy.”

The collapse happened in front a family house in Dublin, Ireland, last week when the roof collapsed.

Photo: RTE / YouTube The couple have been staying in the hotel room since the collapse last week and were unable to access their family’s home until it was safe to do so.

They are hoping to move the family into a different house, but said that the landlord is not letting them do so without permission.

“He’s not going to let us move without a licence, he’s not letting us move unless we get a new lease,” said John Walsh.

“My wife and I are just trying to get through it.”

The family’s previous lease expired on September 2 and they have no plans to renew the lease, which expired on October 1.

They say they are in need of help with the new mortgage, as they cannot afford to pay the current rent.

The family has been staying at a hotel in the neighbouring town of Barrow for the last year, and are currently renting a home in the town.

The rental agent is offering to help them rent the home, but they said they do not have the funds to pay for the costs.

They also want to move out of the house and are considering leaving it empty.

“If we get no rent from them, we’re looking at moving somewhere else,” said Joan Walsh.

John Walsh said they are considering other options, but would like to move in with their family once they get the new house.

“That would be great,” he said.