How to watch the new HBO Specialized Roubaix, a.k.a. “the best film on the web”

HBO is offering a special edition of its hit HBO special “The Specialized Rousbaix” on its streaming service, HBO GO.

“The Specialization RoubaIX Experience” includes a “HBO GO Pass” for $10 a month and a one-month “Hollywood Pass” of HBO GO for $19.99.

The HBO GO Pass, which is available through July 1, provides access to all HBO GO content for one month.

Users can watch HBO GO videos and select “HBC” channels, which include HBO, HBO Now, HBO Sport and HBO GO’s own premium channels, like Showtime and HBO Now.

HBO Go users can also watch HBO Now-only content, like the upcoming film “The Great Gatsby.”

HBO’s exclusive pass also includes HBO Go Premium, which offers premium programming including HBO GO movies, HBO documentaries, HBO programming, HBO Sports, HBO Original Series and HBO Original Movies.