How does an astronaut take a selfie?

NASA has released some of its most impressive images from its Mars rover Curiosity and its exploration of the Red Planet in an attempt to answer the question: How do you take a picture of Mars?NASA scientists spent weeks trying to figure out how to capture images of Mars from the air, and it turns out they have to be a bit of a pain in the ass.

Here’s how it works.NASA scientists have been able to capture pictures of the red planet from the sky because the planet is so far away from Earth.

But the cameras used by the space agency are incredibly expensive and have a very long exposure time.

To make a photo that lasts long enough to be useful, NASA has to take many more exposures before it can be taken from the ground.

That’s because the air on Mars doesn’t reflect much light.NASA says its engineers developed a system that would allow the rover to take pictures from the top of a mountain, rather than the ground as it travels toward the planet.

NASA also says the camera can be placed on a mount that can be used for long-distance photography.

NASA is hoping to use the technology in the future to take photos of Earth from space.

It’s an ambitious plan.

It’s also something that has not yet been used in space.

NASA has yet to take a close-up shot of the planet from space, although scientists have recently gotten a look at the surface of Mars.NASA also plans to use a different type of camera to take photographs from the surface.

NASA says it is testing the new camera on a prototype camera that it plans to launch in 2020.

NASA plans to give more details about the camera at the International Astronautical Congress in Chile, in October 2020.NASA’s new camera could help astronomers see more detail about the Martian surface than ever before.

NASA hopes to use it to image Earth’s surface by 2020.

The next Mars rover, Opportunity, is also slated to fly by the Red Rock mountain on Mars.