“Weird, but not as weird as it looks” – the best fashion for the most part


Yes, we said it.

And we mean it.

So let’s get to it. 

For a look at some of the more weird, sometimes quirky, sometimes beautiful, but definitely still pretty, fashion trends that are in style now, read on. 1.

Black Tie Dress with Chain (Black Tie, 2011)This one is actually pretty cool, considering the time of year it was released.

And if you’re thinking “I know, but what about black tie?”, you’re right.

The trend is called “Black Tie Dress With Chain”, and it’s a modern take on black tie that features a chain and a belt.

The chain, of course, can be anything from a bracelet to a necklace.


Suit Jacket (Vogue, 2011, black)This is an unusual one.

It’s a classic suit jacket, and its a trend that has been gaining steam over the last few years.

But there are a few differences between it and the other suits in the fashion world, and they are quite interesting.

One of the differences is that the jacket is designed to be fitted over the chest rather than the arm.

This makes it more comfortable for shorter-legged people.

Also, the jacket can be styled to a range of different lengths.


Black Trousers (Nordstrom, 2012, black, slim fit)There’s been a recent trend for black trousers to become slim fit, which makes them look more casual and relaxed, but it’s actually quite flattering.

They’re also super stylish and comfortable.


Suit Jeans (Kohl’s, 2012)These are very well-designed, and stylishly slim fitting.

But they also come with a little something extra, as they are made with stretch fabrics, which are designed to stretch in the heat of summer, rather than in the cold of winter.


Dress Shirt (H&M, 2013)This dress shirt, with a pattern that’s based on the colour of the shirt it’s worn on, is a pretty cool way to dress up a white dress.

The shirt comes in a variety of sizes, and can be worn in either a cropped, or cropped short, or in a sleeveless or cropped regular.


Shirt Dress (H& M, 2013, cropped)This shirt dress is a more casual, casual dress, and if you like a casual look, then this one is definitely for you.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, from black to blue to black and white. 

7. Tie Dress  (Bottega Veneta, 2014, cropped, short)This tie dress is quite different from the others.

The dress is designed in a way that is slightly more casual than the other styles.

The length of the dress can be short, and the fabric can be cotton or wool.


Black Dress (Vogue Magazine, 2014)This black dress looks quite pretty, but has a lot of details that are a bit too flashy for our tastes.

And it’s not the only one. 


Dress Pants (H & M, 2014; Vogue, 2014: black, short fit)The dress pants are a great way to go, but if you want something more subtle, you could go for a shorter one.

They can be a bit more fitted, and are also a bit less flashy than the others, so they’re a good option if you prefer to go for an informal look.


Suit Suit (H.& M. Inc., 2014)The suit is a traditional suit, but with a modern twist.

It has a tailored look to it, and it also has some features that make it look more modern. 


Black Pants (Bottegaco Veneta Inc., 2015)This suit pants look great, but you could also go for something a little more casual.

You could wear them as a dress, or as a casual wear. 


Black Jeans (H+M Inc., 2016)Black jeans are a pretty unique way to wear black, but they also look amazing on the body.

They are super comfortable and look really great on your body. 


Black Suit (Lion Brand, 2016)This suits suit is another one that is very modern, with the addition of some elements that make them more sophisticated.

You’ll notice that there’s a collar, which is part of the overall suit, and also a waistcoat, which gives it a bit of a formal feel.


Black Lace (Kohl, 2016, black; Lace, 2016; LAC, 2016 )This black lace dress is an interesting one.

The lace is made from the same fabric as the dress pants, and has a pattern similar to that of the suit.

The fabric is also much more luxurious, with more pockets and details. 


Suit Boots (Alden