What the ‘Grizzly Bear’ says about the 2016 election

Fox Sports has the latest on the aftermath of last week’s presidential election, which saw a number of Republican candidates accused of voting illegally in the state of California.ABC News:Trump’s voter fraud accusations are ‘an assault on the electoral process’ The president tweeted Friday that California is “the biggest and most corrupt state in the union.”

He added, “The election was stolen from me by Crooked Hillary Clinton.

It was stolen by Crooks and Liars!”

Fox Sports:Trump says ‘we are all responsible’ for election loss, says he won’t accept ‘fake news’ Trump said that he would accept “fake news” from the media but will not accept “nonsense stories.”

He said that the election results were “rigged” and that “everybody should have known.”

Fox Sports’ Dave Schilling: The media has ‘an attack on our democracy’Fox Sports reporter Dave Schill joins Fox News to discuss what the media has done wrong in the 2016 presidential election and how it will do more to defend democracy.

Schill also discusses the ongoing Russia investigation, Trump’s ‘grab em by the pussy’ comments, and why the media is so obsessed with the issue of fake news.

Fox Sports’s Dave Schiller: ‘I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’m still getting called liars’Schill says he’s been calling liars since he started covering sports in the 1970s, and he says the problem is that he’s not getting the same calls anymore.

Schilling says that the media “is a real problem,” and he has a message for reporters.

He says, “If you’re going to call somebody a liar, call them the right way.”

Schill: The ‘fake’ news has a ‘huge impact’On Fox Sports’ “The Dave Schilly Show,” Schill discusses the “fake” news issue.

Schilly says the “news” media has “a huge impact” on the 2016 elections and that the “media” is “in bed with the Russians” in an attempt to win the presidency.

Schills says that while he respects the right of journalists to report the news, he wants them to be more objective.

He also says the media needs to stop using “fake stories” and start using facts.

Schiller: Fake news is the enemy of the American peopleSchill argues that fake news is “not an objective news source.”

He says that instead of reporting the news as the media does, we need to use “truthful information.”

Schilling: ‘We’re not a democracy’Schilling argues that we are not a “democracy” and says that “the system” needs to be “restructured” to better serve the public.

Schilled: ‘The press needs to take a stand’Schills argues that the press needs a “wake up call” and to stand up for truth.

He said, “This is the press that is supposed to be the arbiters of truth.

We have no right to tell people what they want to hear.”

Schills: We need to ‘take the gloves off’Schilly calls for the media to “take a stand” against fake news and say that they “must stop using lies and slander as our weapons.”

He also says that he is “trying to get the media and the government to come together to make a statement” on this issue.