The next-generation underwear that will replace your pants

The next generation of underwear will likely come with a whole new set of design decisions and new functions, according to an expert.

The world’s leading underwear expert, John Davenport, said he thinks the next underwear will use a new shape and a new function.

In fact, he says it could be completely different from what you’re used to.

“The next underwear is going to be totally different than what you’ve been used to,” Davenfield told Ars.

And I think it’s going to look a lot different.” “

So there are a lot of things that are going to change in that category.

And I think it’s going to look a lot different.”

Davenyard is not the only one who thinks the future of underwear is entirely different from the current trends.

In a recent study by The Next Brand, which tracked the trends of underwear from 2005 to 2016, Davenfort ranked his top 10 most-popular styles.

The top-ranked underwear is the “sexy-sexy” style, which was also the most popular in 2017, with nearly three-quarters of men selecting it.

Davenington also rated the “comfort” style as the best in 2019, with almost half of men choosing it.

So how do these new underwear design trends fit in?

For starters, the underwear should have some sort of stretch that helps to keep the underwear from looking flimsy, and a wider waistband, as opposed to the traditional waistband that is typically found in some types of briefs.

The next underwear also might be made of synthetic materials, like some of the current underwear.

But the trend for “seamless” underwear is not going away anytime soon. “

And then there’s a lot more customization and a lot less of the same kind of standard, flat design that we’ve been accustomed to.”

But the trend for “seamless” underwear is not going away anytime soon.

Davein has a number of reasons for this, but one of them is that we are currently in a “seams crunch” that is having an effect on the fashion industry.

“Seams crunching is a term that’s being thrown around a lot,” Davin said.

“It’s kind of a reference point that, to me, it says we are going through the same process that we’re going through now with the rise in the popularity of the smartphone.”

It’s not just the smartphone that’s impacting the fashion world, but also the fashion houses.

“The same thing that’s happened in the fashion sector is happening in the medical and medical equipment industry,” Davanson continued.

“As people go from one kind of underwear to another, that’s a process that’s happening right now.”

The industry is already looking to the future, but Davenson said there is no “silver bullet” to solve the seam problem, and he doesn’t expect this trend to end any time soon.

“I think we’re really looking at it as a long-term trend,” Davonson said.

“[We’re] going to see different fabrics that are really going to provide different types of comfort for people.

We’re going to also see a whole bunch of different types and materials, and the way in which they’re used is going be different.

So, I think that’s going for a long time to come.”

Davons clothing has been on display in stores for years now, and as the technology and innovation of the internet have made the world of online shopping easier, there is a big opportunity to get people to look at clothing that will have less material and more stretch, which could be a great thing.

Davson thinks that underwear that feels more comfortable and is more comfortable on the body, will appeal to a wider range of people.

“We’re not going to stop there,” he said.

Davans clothing has also been on show in some fashion shows, including the Fashion Institute of Technology’s runway show.

The show was also on in the US, but the focus was on the men’s underwear category.

“In the US it’s not really men’s clothing that’s on display at fashion shows,” Daverson said, because the clothing is more geared toward the women’s and the young people’s fashion categories.

“Men’s underwear is a niche category, and that’s where the attention is, because men’s has a much larger number of consumers, and we’re seeing that trend grow.”

It also means the men of the world are paying attention to what’s going on in their underwear.

This means it could change the way we buy and wear underwear.

That’s because underwear is more than just underwear.

Daveron said the underwear industry could be