The best ways to avoid a crash on the car park

The best way to avoid hitting the ground at an accident scene is to stay away from the crash site and stay away.

The best advice is to avoid going to an accident site on your own.

That’s because there are several different types of cars you can crash into, and the risk increases as you get closer to the site.

The safest way to get around the accident scene in a car is by using a pedestrian crossing.

You can use a pedestrian cross, but it has to be in a place where you can safely walk around the car.

For example, in a school, a pedestrian path, or on a public park.

There are also more formal crosswalks on busy roads where you don’t need to worry about a car hitting you.

You should also avoid walking along a busy road where the road has traffic lights, and don’t go to any busy places where there are pedestrian crossings.

If you are in a rush, it’s also a good idea to have a safety net on your body so that you don.

It’s best to stay at least 15 metres away from any car in the accident area.

That distance should be at least four metres (12.8 feet) and be no further than four metres from any pedestrian crossing and not less than three metres (10 feet).

If you’re going to be involved in an accident, the safest way is to go directly to a medical facility, and to avoid the accident site.

This is because it’s not always possible to see an ambulance or other emergency service at the accident location.

There’s also no need to wait for an ambulance.

You should take all the necessary precautions and don a safety harness.

You’re also advised to wear your seatbelt when you’re on the road.